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2022 Shanghai International Photography Festival
The 16th Shanghai International Photography Exhibition

Shanghai International Photography Exhibition is an art exhibition approved by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the People’s Republic of China in 1986, and has been held by Shanghai Federation of Literary Art Circles (SFLAC) and Shanghai Photographers’ Association (SPA). It was the first international art event held by provincial organizations. In each of the past 15 events, photographers from home and abroad exhibited hundreds of works, making the exhibition one of the most influential photography events in China. Since 2013, the exhibition has been extended as “Shanghai International Photography Festival”, further exploring the new mode of communication between the artists and critics, as well as between the professional and the public.

“2022 Shanghai International Photography Festival · The 16th Shanghai International Photography Exhibition” will be co-organized by SFLAC, Yangpu District Government and SPA. This year’s Festival, composed of four sections: the Classical Re-viewed, the People’s City, the Colorful World, and the Future of Images, will be held during Sep to Oct 2022 in venues of Yangpu Bund, Shanghai, China. In this Festival, there will also be a series of academic seminars, site-specific photo shooting, photography market and performance, so as to extend the variety of activities of this Festival.

In order to explore the medium of photography and its future possibilities, and to showcase the critical reflections of photographic artists and their creations, the Festival calls for entries from photographers home and broad.